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  • The throttle pedal has an adjustable wire mechanism. The pedal rotation angle and the wire stroke are adjustable.
  • The brake pedal has balance bar for double master cylinders. The pedal ratio is 5:1.
  • The balance bar diameter is 7/16”-20 to provide the maximum stiffness. The master cylinders connections are 5/16”- 24, for Wilwood or Girling master cylinders.
  • The clutch pedal is hydraulic, with master cylinder.
  • Thanks of Cable clutch accessory Pedalbox ECO RPB0006 (SKU: RPBAC03) is possible to have cable clutch. (Cable clutch accessory is sold separately)
  • All the pedals have anti-slip surface.
  • The pedalbox weight is 2.8 kg without master cylinders, and 3.5 kg with master cylinders.
  • All the components have anticorrosion coating to allow the maximum durability.
  • Master cylinders are sold separately.

Pedal Box ECO Class

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